How to Increase the Speed of a Clip on Reels Instagram


In the Instagram Reel, speeding up a video is a terrific technique to display more information in a short amount of time and enhance the appeal of the Reel. Users can speed up a video they shot in Reels Instagram by using the app’s default feature. Unfortunately, the user cannot modify the pace of a video that was directly filmed on Instagram reels; a user can only change the speed of a video that has already been recorded on reels.Users will need a third-party editor to speed up the current videos before uploading them to IG Reels because Instagram itself does not currently offer a mechanism to speed up the pre-recorded video. Here, we’ll go through 3 techniques for accelerating a video for Reels Instagram both online and on an Android or iPhone. They’re all doing fine, too!

How to Speed up an Instagram Reel

The simplest option to speed up a video for an Instagram reel is to use an online reel video editor, like FlexClip, as there is no need to download or set up any software on their device. A video speed controller in the potent online video editor Flex Clip allows users to speed up or slow down videos for Instagram reels. Additionally, it provides sophisticated editing features to rotate, cut, and apply effects to your reel footage. Additionally, users can use a variety of stock resources, like video clips, images, music, and animated elements, to improve their Reel video.

  • To speed up a recorded video for Instagram Reel, click the Get Started Now button and then adhere to the steps below:
  • Drag and drop their video material from any computer or upload the already recorded video from any phone into the Flex Clip video editor, select the right ratio of 9:16 for the Reel movie, and then apply the changes to the Timeline.
  • To speed up the current video for their reels Instagram , click the Speed symbol in the top bar and select their preferred speed.
  •  From 0.2xs to 8x, the video speed can be altered here.
  • To improve their Instagram reel video, perform additional adjustments.
  •  Any text can be added, background music can be played, filter and transitional effects can be used, and more.
  • Once they’ve done that, users may view, download, and post the video on Instagram from their computer.

How to Speedup Existing videos on Instagram

Instagram’s official editing software, Hyperlapse, is the simplest way to edit a previously shot video for Instagram Reel on an iPhone. Users can use it to accelerate Instagram videos and produce time-lapse films. Users can modify the speed for Instagram Reel from 1X to 12X by uploading an already-existing video from their iPhone or by shooting a new video right inside the app.

However, this program just allows users to alter the video speed; it has no further editing capabilities. Let’s look at how to use Hyperlapse on their iPhone to speed up an existing video on Reels Instagram.

  • Install the Hyperlapse app on their iPhone after downloading it.
  • Open hyper-lapse, and then select the previously recorded video from their gallery to upload.
  • The speed controller should then appear. If users don’t make any changes, the default speed will be 6X.
  • Users can drag the slider to increase the video’s speed to up to 12X for Instagram Reel.
  • After that, users can download it to their phone or immediately publish the video to Instagram by tapping the Check mark to save the edits.

Time limit on Instagram Reels

A Reel on the short-form video content platform known as Instagram Reels lasts between 15 and 30 seconds and was introduced in 2020. After TikTok ushered in the era of vertical video platforms, Instagram didn’t waste any time catching on and Reels rapidly became a hit. Instagram Reels, which has thousands of independent content producers, isn’t too far behind TikTok, which continues to be the center of new social trends. Reels may initially last for up to 60 seconds. However, Instagram reduced the time limit to 90 seconds in later upgrades. Users may now create videos on TikTok that are up to 10 minutes long. The time restriction for Instagram Reels can be modified in this manner. Directly saving a Reel or an IGTV video to the phone’s internal storage is possible.

Users may make their films more interesting and entertaining by changing their speed. If users speed up a video, they may offer more information in a shorter amount of time. Similarly to this, certain videos appear more thrilling in slow motion because it adds the necessary drama and suspense. However, using both fast and slow speeds in conjunction will elevate their videos to the next level.


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