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Sims 4 Update June 2019 – What’s New?

What’s new in the Sims 4 update June 2019? You’ll find out what’s new in this article! We’ll cover the changes to the UI, New traits, and the Acting Career. Plus, we’ll cover what’s changed with the Spa lot type. You can download the latest patch now on the official Sims 4 website. And don’t forget to let us know what you think!

Changes to the UI

The latest update to The Sims 4 has brought a number of fixes, largely relating to the UI. The new digitalistic sketchpad object now lets Sims paint as well as create Aspiration goals. Creating a home with a heart-shaped door will no longer prevent Sims from using the dishwasher. A change has also been made to the pack information panel so that the game no longer displays world objects on its top level. Additionally, the Pre-Owned Painter’s Easel will now grant Sims an Inspirational emotional aura. Another change has been made to the UI so that players can view the current state of the pack’s contents on the bottom floor of the home without having to re-enter the main lot. As well as that, the crown roast platter no longer displays

Another major update to The Sims 4 includes a new repairman service and more photography options. Additionally, players can now customize their stairs, as well as access more items in Build Mode. The June 18 patch also adds a new celebration shirt, a new job title, and more clothing. In addition, the patch will add new content to The Sims’ Create a Story feature, which will give players the opportunity to create stories for their Sims. Additionally, the July 16 patch will add three new roof styles, the ability to control culling, and a cheat that lets players rebrand their entire game.

The new UI will allow Sims to perform socials on their own and push NPCs to fish. Additionally, the UI will now allow users to resize rooms using the Mouse & Keyboard. Furthermore, players can now live drag objects and use edge scrolling. A new virtual cursor will no longer disappear once a Sim exits build mode. The UI will also have a button to randomise traits.

New traits

New traits in Sims 4 update juné 2019 have come to make it even easier to customize your Sims’ personalities. This update introduces personality quizzes. These tests ask you questions about your ideals and preferences, which can add a personal backstory to your Sims. Based on your answers, the game will assign your Sims various traits based on their answers. Whether or not these traits are applicable to you and your Sims’ lives will depend on which ones are assigned to your Sims.

The June 18 patch added a variety of new features, including a repairman service. Sims who have the ‘Hates Children’ trait will not participate in Try For Baby actions. The developer has promised to remove the requirement that your Sims be Dazed for the ‘Try For Baby’ action in the next patch. If you are unsure which traits apply to your Sims, you can always use your instincts and experience to decide what they are best for.

In the Create-A-Sim mode, you can choose whether or not your Sim has a feminine frame. You can also choose whether or not your Sim gets pregnant. Until now, it wasn’t possible to get trans representation in The Sims, and the game was unable to make you pregnant without the use of mods. This new update addresses these problems, but it’s not necessary to buy the game to play it.

Changes to the Acting Career

Changing the Acting Career is no easy feat. In Sims 4, an acting career has been around for a while, but this recent update has made it much easier to get it right. While the career has many advantages, there are a few things that you need to know before you start one. First, acting requires you to interact with other Sims and coworkers. If you play a loner sim, this may not be the best option.

For the Acting Career, the new version introduces a well-suited talent agency, which unlocks musical and historical roles for low-level Sims. The agency represents only the best actors, so you can get more lucrative gigs with this agency. Also, the agency represents you, so you’ll get more money for prime-time TV shows, drama productions, action movies, and more. Lastly, acting gigs are no longer tied to specific hours, which means you’ll be able to pick whichever roles you want, as long as you have the necessary skills.

The Yin & Yang Necklace no longer clips into the child’s neck when the shirt is tucked in. There is also a new version of the Digitalistic Sketchpad. This object has a new name, “Like Sand.” The first four colors of this pattern now have unique names. You’ll notice that they are not listed as “CleanRoom.” The new version also brings a new content alert icon, which helps you identify content before saving.

Changes to the Spa lot type

In the Sims 4 update june 2019, the Spa lot type has a few new traits. One is Clothing Optional, which encourages your Sims to strip down. Another is Off-The-Grid, which lets your Sims live off the grid without using running water or power. This drastically lowers their bills. If you already have an object that has this trait, it will be able to be used in Off-The-Grid mode.

In addition to adding a new lot type, this update also adds new game features. You can now practice your yoga and meditation skills. You can even learn to use a new skill called Wellness to extend your Sim’s life and resist illnesses. It is important to note that you must place the new venue in a different lot to use the new features. Another change to the Spa lot type in the Sims 4 update june 2019 is that you can no longer use it on a World.

Changes to the Herbalism skill

The new Outdoor Retreat Game Pack adds a new skill to Sims, Herbalism. Identifying plants will allow your Sim to harvest them and make better quality herbal remedies. You can now cook over a campfire, grill beetles, and gather more than 4,000 herbs! You can now even use herbs to create potions! Here are some of the changes to the Herbalism skill in Sims 4:

The Herbalism skill is a new skill added to The Sims 4 update June 2019. Herbalism is a specialty skill that focuses on being able to identify plants and brew herbal remedies. There are a variety of ways to build this skill, including identifying plants in the forest of Granite Falls, brewing herbal recipes, and reading an herbalism skill book. You can also learn more about herbalism by talking with the Hermit of Granite Falls. This will grant your Sim a small skill boost, too.

New worlds are available for Sims. The Spa Pack is a new lot type, and includes a new skill called Herbalism. It also adds the new Forgotten Hollow world and a Vampire life state to Sims. New outfits, objects, and game interactions are also included in the new update. In the Create a Sims game, you can also create new outfits and objects.

Changes to the Vampire life state

The Sims 4 Vampire life state brings new powers and special abilities to the game. Unlike normal Sims, they can turn into bats, use supernatural powers, and change their appearance at will. The game also introduces three new lot traits: Registered Vampire Lair, Vampire Nexus, and On A Dark Ley Line. If you’re a Vampire, make sure you check out the new items and aspirations.

The new Alignment trait functions similarly to the Vampire Energy Need, but it changes based on the type of Spells your Sims cast. For example, casting a Light spell increases Alignment while a Dark spell lowers it. Alignment will impact your Sims’ experience as Sorcerers, how easily they gain Light/Dark skills, and the number of friends they can have.

To be a Vampire, you must meet three requirements. First, you must feed. You can do this by simply asking a Sim nicely or by using one of your Vampire powers. The Vampire will feed if it has a thirst for blood. Second, Vampires will need to feed to maintain their energy. If they get too thirsty, they’ll seek out a nearby Sim and drink blood. Thirdly, they must replenish their Vampire Energy bar, which can be used for Vampire Powers and sunlight exposure.


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