New World Update Patch Notes


New World Update Patch Notes For World of Warcraft

If you are considering purchasing the New World expansion, you should read the patch notes carefully before purchasing it. These notes include important details such as changes to the combat system and the player’s reaction to wolf attacks. We will also go over the new UI, as well as changes to the Coin Lockboxes in the Tree of Light. In this article, we’ll take a look at what’s changed for players in the latest update.

Changes to the player reaction to wolf attacks

A player no longer snaps to a new location when attacked by a wolf, which resolves the behavioral issue that led to some characters getting stuck in places. For example, the player’s cannon used to stick to the hand of the Pirate Brute, but now it doesn’t. Several other fixes were made to the wolf behavior, including fixing the issue that caused Boars to behave erratically if a player shot a projectile near them. Also, the player reaction to wolf attacks was tuned, giving players a more consistent window to dodge the wolf’s attack.

The amount of space surrounding your den will have a greater impact on how your mate reacts to a wolf attack. A good territory will have a two-hex buffer around it, but the distance to your pups will still matter. If you leave your game during an attack, the wolf will leave a notification on your screen, giving you a chance to rejoin it. This is more accurate than ever.

The wolf howl volume is now lower when the player is at medium distances. Ambient occlusion has been increased before sunset, which helps prevent the wolf from destroying the player’s home. In addition, the maximum food points on moose carcasses have been increased. The Enter Den button has also been disabled during den raids. Additionally, the northwest rock den is now less glitchy. Hide HUD alerts will now only appear for two seconds, rather than three.

Other minor fixes include the mate getting stuck when circling the target and the Eagle getting stuck when swooping. The bird is also stuck when circling the target in some areas. Mates will now be able to fight again even when they’re close to their parents. Additionally, the game has fixed a few bugs that affected the player’s wolf, including the mate getting stuck in a rock when trying to find privacy.

Changes to the UI

The New World Update patch notes have been posted. It contains numerous bug fixes, changes to most weapons, and combat improvements. In addition, this update also includes changes to crafting, economy, and rewards. The New World Team is no longer covering the game, so the updates will be rolling out gradually to Utopia, AP Southeast, and the rest of the world. Players who encounter any issues after the patch go live should contact customer support for assistance.

The housing UI now displays the correct amount of property tax for players at different levels, without taking into account the first time home buyer discount. Additionally, the watchtower respawn point is replaced with the Settlement, so players no longer respawn incorrectly there. Other changes to the UI include a fix for various localization issues throughout the game. Players will no longer experience excessively long load times when trying to buy their own items at the Trading Post, and the UI has been improved to make it easier to find items by name.

The New World update 1.4.1 contains several bug fixes. This update fixes issues with the Indigo Flame icon and addresses other problems related to the game’s quest line. It also fixes a bug that prevented storage chests from increasing overall town storage. Players will also be able to pick up quest credit while on the Tempest’s Soul quest line. In addition, the quest line should reward players with a corresponding container depending on their level of expertise.

Other changes in the New World update include the introduction of the Void Gauntlet, a new Focus/Intelligence weapon. It can serve a variety of roles, and it can be upgraded using the Annihilation and Decay weapon mastery trees. These new weapons can be used to improve your existing class or make your characters more powerful. They are also now much more versatile and can also play a support role.

Changes to the combat system

Players will notice a few changes to the combat system in the new world update. Light attacks will no longer do stamina damage while blocking, and Grit attacks will deal less damage to structures. Additionally, the recovery time for some abilities has been shortened. Lastly, blocking no longer has locked animation frames, and attacks will no longer activate after exiting a turret. Players will find these changes to be helpful in combat.

A number of other changes have been made to combat in the New World update. Players will now be able to use the Void Gauntlet, a new Focus/Intelligence weapon. Players will be able to upgrade this weapon through the Decay and Annihilation weapons mastery trees, allowing them to take on different roles in combat. This new weapon will also serve as a support weapon for players that want to be more versatile.

Amazon Games is releasing a major New World update in May. The updates will fix several issues and add new features to the game, including 3v3 Arena combat, PVP reward tracks, and Expedition Mutators. A PTR server for the New World update can be found in the US East region. This patch notes will address common problems in the game. If you’d like to get more information about the changes in the game, you can visit the official blog post.

Besides fixes to combat, the New World Update also adds visual improvements to the game. Using the Insatiable Gravity Well perk for the Great Axe will make it less powerful. Additionally, players will have a greater chance to find rare items when engaging in PvP. Trading posts have also been linked between settlements, preventing players from having to fast travel around the Aeternum.

The AI will only evaluate additional players when they engage in aggressive acts. The AI will not evaluate other players in other game modes, such as Expedition, Invasion, and Outpost Rush. In these modes, AI will continue to acquire targets as they have done in the past. These changes will not affect the grace period, which prevents AI from aggroing players until 5 seconds after spawning or until they are damaged.

Changes to Coin Lockboxes in Tree of Light

One of the major changes to the new game, Tree of Light, is the introduction of coin lockboxes. Players can now loot them by visiting the Tree of Light during the Winter Festival. As with other loot items, they contain gold coins, crafting materials, and ingots. To prevent this abuse, the developers have changed the cooldown times for Faction lockboxes. This change will ensure that players can only open one Faction per day.


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