How to Tag a Group on Facebook


How to Tag a Group on Facebook

The tagging function on Facebook is a crowd-pleaser, allowing users to alert others by simply tagging the user’s name to a post. Facebook’s tagging function can also be used to select people and places in images and videos.

Therefore, people aren’t the only ones who can be tagged. Tagging works for both groups and individuals, and in the hands of group administrators and coordinators, it may be a powerful organizational tool. Here in this article, we have mentioned the short steps of how to tag a group on Facebook. So without further ado, let’s get started;

A Complete Step by Step Guide of How to Tag a Group on Facebook

Step 1

Login into your Fb account and then go to the content you’d like to add a tag on. To tag a Facebook user in the comments section of a statement or image posting, select the “Comment” hyperlink below the post. To add a group to your status, go to the top of the news feed and click on your status box.

Step 2

In the comment or status box, type a “@” followed by the group’s name without a space. For example, to tag, a group named “Soccer Club” in a post, use “@soccerclub.” Facebook will make some effort to guess the group you’re looking for. Whenever the group’s name shows below the comment or status box, tap on it.

Step 3

To publish your Facebook status with the selected group tagged in it, hit the “Post” button. To publish your post and its tag, press the “Enter” button on the keyboard.

Videos and Photos

  • Log in to the Facebook account, then go to the photo or video you’d want to tag a group to.
  • Place your mouse pointer over the image or photo, next tap the “Tag Video/Photo” button at the bottom of the display when it comes. If you’re tagging a video, tap on the place you’d want to tag.

Tap within the tag area in the video’s comments section, which is located in the top right corner. Press inside the tag box that displays beneath the tagged place if you’re tagging a photo.

Step 4

To tag the group to a picture, type the group’s name into the tag area and tap on its name whenever it shows below the field. Unless you’re tagging a video, write a “@” at the front of the group’s name in the tag field, ignoring the space between both the name and @. When the group’s title shows below the video’s tag field, hit on it.


Millions of people use Facebook, yet some new users are unfamiliar with many of its features. As a result of this, one of the features is tagging, which many people are inexperienced with. As a result, we’ve included a step-by-step explanation of how to easily tag a group on Facebook in this article. So just follow these steps and start doing tagging!

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