How to Remove Hide Hickeys without Makeup


How to Remove Hide Hickeys without Makeup

Hickeys are marvelous and incredibly most awful simultaneously. This blameless looking bruise can be somewhat insulting when you are working.

Before you learn how to hide hickeys without makeup, it’s important to know that what hickeys are?

What is a hickey?

A hickey is dark red or purple mark on your skin brought about by extreme suction. Like different injuries, it should hide you can in around fourteen days. The neck is a most common site for hickeys due to its simple access, yet it can go at anyplace.

At the point when your partner sucks on and bites at your skin, the strain breaks little veins underneath. Those messed up vessels discharge minuscule spots of blood called Petechiae.

An assortment of these blood spots frames a bigger dull spot, which is called bruise. The bruise might change tone after some time from red or dim purple to yellow.

In this article, we will guide you how to remove hide hickeys without makeup easily.

Complete guidance how to remove hide hickeys without makeup:

Here is some expert guidance on the most proficient method how to hide hickey without makeup.


Utilize an Ice Pack:

For importantly, if you have a hickey, set a ice pack on it for no less than 15 minutes. This will assist with lessening the expanding of the hickey.

Hickeys are truly a bruise and the ice slow back the blood flow to the area and diminish expanding or swallowing of it.


Utilize Band-Aids:

 Second step to hide hickey without makeup is to use Band aids. It’s normal for men to incidentally cut themselves while shaving. Basically cover your hickey with a bandage. It will help to hide hickey.


Utilize Headphones:

Headphones function admirably to hide your hickeys without makeup from family. Simply wear your headphones around your neck.


Wear Collared Shirts:

Shirts generally have a collared sufficiently high to hide your hickey without makeup. Simply ensure you’re closing as high as possible so there is no chance that someone sees your hickey.

Step -5

Wear neck Sweater:

 If the weather allows, wearing neck sweater to hide your hickey without makeup is the smartest option as it gives a tight and secure cover around your neck. It keeps you very warm too. Matching this with a games coat looks very great in my opinion.


Wear a Hoodie :

If the weather allows, wearing a hoodie might be good option. A hoodie can give great cover to the sides of your neck on the location of hickey at neck. It might be great option to hide your hickey without makeup.

Step -7

Wear a Track Jacket:

If you’re a runner, you most likely have two or three track jackets lying around. Some of them can dash up to the neck region, giving you great cover around the neck. In this way, you can easily hide your hickey without makeup.


Use your Facial Hair:

This technique is best when wear a hoodie (tip above). You can utilize your beard to cover the front of the neck while your hoodie covers the sides and back. This is best way to hide your hickey easily.


Use Aloe Vera:

One of the best methods to remove hickey without makeup is to use Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera gel quiets the blood coagulation and assists in removing the redness. The aloe Vera plant has anti-inflammatory properties that can assist with diminishing skin swallowing and torment. To treat a hickey, apply a thick layer of aloe Vera gel or cream to the injury two times a day.


Use Vitamin K creams:

Vitamin K rich creams are great for limiting redness immediately. Best solution for removal of hickeys without makeup.

These hacks should save you from every one of the abnormal circumstances.


In this article, we have shared about the hickey. Also, mentioned the best ways how to hide hickey without makeup. We hope you will get your points to hide the hickey without makeup.

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