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Google’s Chromecast is one of the most widely used media streaming devices. It lets you watch unlimited Internet videos on any smart TV. You may also use Chromecast to stream videos from the internet from your computer or laptop.

Meanwhile, some customers have reported issues with Chromecast no devices found windows 10 with the app, particularly following a Windows 10 upgrade (version 1803). The Chromecast, for instance, may cease working or fail to engage properly. You can get a warning that says “No devices identified” if your cast to the device isn’t working.

Chromecast, not working issues can be caused by a variety of factors, including network configuration issues, firewall blocking, etc.

If you’re using a Chromecast application for Windows 10 and are having the same issue, you can try one of the following solutions.

A guide about Chromecast no devices found windows 10


Method 1: Install the latest version of Chrome.

The first step you can do to solve Chromecast no devices found windows 10 to maintain your Chrome up to date is because this problem typically happens after a Windows 10 upgrade.

To access the menu, simply open Google Chrome and tap the three-dot icon. Now go to Help > About Google Chrome and select Check for Updates.

Afterwards, Google will constantly search for new versions and download and install them. Then, reopen Chrome to see whether the issue has been repaired.


Method 2: Start using a media-sharing service.

Your computer may automatically disable media sharing and then all wireless file sharing on occasion. Chromecast will most likely stop working as a result of this. In this situation, you must ensure that the relevant service is up and functioning.

  1. To launch the Run dialogue, press Windows + R.
  2. To open Windows Services, type services. msc and click OK.
  3. In the list, look for the Media Player Network Sharing Service. To begin the service, right-click it and select Start. If the service’s Condition is already Running, simply right-click it and select Restart.
  4. You can now see if the Chromecast is successfully aligned or not.

Method 3: Modify Sharing Options

Keep in mind your computer and Chromecast gadget are connected to the same network. You can do this by changing the share buttons in Control Panel.

  1. Go to Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center in Control Panel.
  2.  Tap on the option of Change advanced sharing settings in the left sidebar.
  3.  You’ll see something like this. Check the Turn on network discovery and Turn on file and printer sharing options beneath the Network discovery and File and printer sharing, respectively.
  4. Reboot your pc after clicking the Save Changes button.

After that, your Chromecast app for Windows 10 will function normally again.


Method 4: Disable VPN

The fourth method of Chromecast no devices found windows 10 to resolve is to stop the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on the device may also interfere with Chromecast’s functionality. If you’re using a VPN on your internet connection, turn it off.

You can disable your VPN by following the online directions given by your service supplier.


Method 5: Reset Chromecast to factory settings

Because all of the following procedures fail to resolve the Chromecast not resolve problems, your Chromecast device may need to be factory reset.

Simply press and hold the Chromecast’s button (next to the power) for several seconds till the power light flashes. After that, your Chromecast should restart on its own. You can also use it to see whether the Chromecast is not working issue has been resolved.



Are you worried due to the Chromecast no devices found windows 10? Don’t worry! We have compiled our best methods which will resolve your problem easily. We hope these methods can easily solve your issue with Chromecast. If you are still facing this issue, we recommend that you should do more research on it and read more posts to learn about it.

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