How To Mount a Tv on The Wall Without Studs


Wall installation has become incredibly popular as televisions have reduced in size but vastly improved image quality. Removing bulky, awkward entertainment systems and mounting a TV on the wall may help reduce space while also offering a cleaner, sleeker, more organized look with no cables, wires, or cords insight. Here we have mentioned how to mount a tv on the wall without studs, and more information on how to hide TV wires may be found here. So without any further ado, let’s get started;

A Complete Guide on How to Mount a Tv on the Wall without Studs

Most TV mounts are made for drywall, which makes them simple to install but demands the presence of studs. Because drywall is brittle, relying only on it to maintain your mount and TV may result in a hole in the wall and a TV on the floor. The framework which supports your walls is made up of vertical pieces of wood called wall studs. The studs give a solid anchor point for your mount and TV, assuring that they stay there.

However, the wall you select for your TV might or may not contain studs, based on your living area and the design of your home. The best part is that with Attach-No It’s Stud TV Wall Mount, which hangs on the wall like just a picture frame, you still can install your TV despite the empty walls. You can also continue reading to learn about additional options for mounting a TV on the wall without studs.

●    Anchors

Anchors are one of the simplest ways to hang something without a stud in the wall. It works for many different reasons to maintain screws from slipping out of their holes or causing drywall damage.

●    Toggle Anchors

Toggle anchors, are also known as toggle bolts, are screws with a butterfly toggle at the end. Toggle anchors function by attaching to the back of the drywall when installed in the wall. Pulling on the screw or exerting any other outward force has no effect since the toggle makes the entire layer of drywall resistance rather than just the crumbling centre. To put it another way, it’s the distinction between tugging on the entire wall versus a single screw.

●    Bolts Molly

The drywall anchors are a little more difficult to use than regular drywall anchors, but they are highly strong and suitable for heavy and medium weights. There are two types are available: pointed and non-pointed. With a sharp tip, pointed molly bolts can be placed with a hammer with a few delicate but strong blows. Cutting out such an installation hole is required for non-pointed molly bolts, which are preferable for plaster walls.

When left untightened, the sleeve of these screws remains thin, but when tight in your walls, the sleeve swells, providing an anchor to the backside of the drywall. Toggle anchors have a similar method. Pull the screw and replace it with the screws for the TV wall mounting once the molly bolt is securely attached.

●    Ceiling Brackets

If your walls do not have studs, you can install your TV from the ceiling, which is less common than traditional wall mounts. This is a more time-consuming operation that isn’t always possible, but almost all ceilings feature beams or joists that serve the same purpose as studs. You may also need longer screws to access joists depending on the type of your home, and all these joists are more spread out rather than you expect, but they must be there.


At the end of the article, we summarized how to mount a tv on the wall without studs. Don’t be concerned if your wall is missing studs. You do have a lot of options when it comes to installing your TV. If you’re unsure about these options, it’s never a bad idea to call a professional who understands how to mount a TV on the wall without studs. It’s important to spend some more money and ask for assistance than to end up with a shattered TV and drywall that needs to be replaced.

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