How to Burpcoolant System – A Complete Guide for Beginners


How to Burpcoolant System

When all other parts in your vehicle are working properly, your vehicle’s coolant system may still not. Even if there is sufficient coolant in the radiator, your cooling system may not be able to properly cool the engine. But what might be the source of the problem?

It could be due to a build of air in the cooling system, which prevents the coolant from reaching the engine. Burping the coolant system will be the fix where the radiator is working properly.

There’s a risk that air enters into the cooling system if you change or operate on any cooling parts of the system such as the radiator, water pump, radiator hoses, and so on. It will enable the cooling system to fail or show any signs of damaged cylinder heads.

Rxmechanic will take you thru a step-by-step procedure on how to burpcoolant system. You could also learn how to identify if the air is in the cooling system at the end of this post.

How To Burp Coolant System: A Step-by-Step Guide

Examine the cooling system before paying a local mechanic thousands of dollars to correct the problem. Is it able to maintain its normal operating temperature? Is it overheating or failing to reach its normal working temperature? Let’s check how to use a funnel to burp the radiator.

Step 1: Place your car in the carport.

Park your car on a flat and sturdy surface. Make sure your radiator and overflow tank are at the proper temperature. The coolant level must be on the COLD mark unless the engine is cold. The coolant must be at the HOT level if the engine is hot.

Step 2: Place the spill-proof funnel inside.

Take the radiator cover and insert the spill-free funnel’s angled portion. Next, on top of that, place the funnel’s main aspect. Make sure the connections are secure, and there is no leakage. You can find more details on how to attach the funnel in the funnel kit.

Step 3: Fill the reservoir with coolant.

Fill the funnel halfway with coolant and let it stay there. This would be to prevent coolant leaks when the car is started. Allow the car to warm up before driving. When the engine reaches its normal working temperature, the thermostat opens and closes, enabling the coolant to rise and fall. As the coolant rises and dips, the trapped air escapes.

Access the vehicle door and adjust the temperature to warm or hot. To turn off the fan/heat, turn the knob to the OFF state. Activate the vehicle.

Step 4: Turn the key in the ignition.

Allow the vehicle to start and run. You’ll need patience and time now. Allow the engine to reach its normal operating temperature so that coolant can travel through the thermostat and cool the engine. The coolant in the funnel will drop as the thermostat opens, and air bubbles will emerge from the radiator. The trapped air is being expelled from the system.

Allow enough time for it to complete its journey. Remember that the engine must go through many cooling cycles for a complete system burp.

Allow 30 to 1 hour for the engine to run. If you find air bubbles coming out of the overflow tank, make sure it’s full of coolant. If the coolant level is low or non-existent, add coolant until it reaches the HOT mark. (Because the engine is hot right now, it shouldn’t be on the COLD setting.) Once there is no trapped air in the system, the air bubbles will stop.

Step 5: Finish

Remove the spill-proof funnel according to the funnel kit’s instructions and recycle the coolant into a container.

Take a test drive in the automobile. The way the cooling system cools the engine should be noticeably different. Tighten the radiator cap and mop up any coolant spills that may have occurred. If your temperature meter arrow is still pointing north, look to see whether the thermostat is still working properly and, if required, replace it.


In this article, we have shared the methods on how to burpcollant system easily. We advise just following these steps that help to solve your issue. If you still don’t get your solution, no issues; you can also do more research on it.

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