How To Beat an Aquarius Man at His Own Game


How To Beat an Aquarius Man at His Own Game

Whether you’re dating or fascinated by an Aquarius guy, mind games could be a pleasant way to stimulate desires and maintain hope alive.

By checking at his horoscope’s typical qualities, you can determine how he behaves or even whether he’s playing you. Playing malicious or dishonest mind games, on the other hand, is painful and can harm your relationship.

Some zodiac signs like Aquarius like the thrill of the chase and games like hard to get. Perhaps you’d like to play mind games with him to teach him a valuable lesson.

In any event, once you’ve worked how to beat an Aquarius man at his own game, you will be able to get in your thoughts and outwit him.

A Complete Guide on How to Beat an Aquarius Man at his Own Game

1.     Don’t be scared to voice yourself

The dreamy nature of Aquarians might make them appear chilly and aloof. This combination does have the potential to seriously frighten.

Don’t be scared by a man born under the sign of Aquarius. He loves being amazing, but he values a woman who isn’t hesitant to call himself out on it.

Don’t be such a social outcast if you like an Aquarius or just want to screw with his brain. Prove him that you’re not afraid of him, and if required, you will confront him.

2.     Hold a discussion

Aquarians love playing demon’s argument because they are essentially argumentative. He will occupy a viewpoint in which he does not really agree just for debate.

It’s a sign your Aquarius guy is putting you to the test if he picks a quarrel with you over something you know he doesn’t care about. He’s curious to see if you can keep your cool while fooling around with him.

Don’t assume that he isn’t interested in you because he disagrees with you. In truth, it may imply exactly the opposite.

It isn’t that he likes fighting; it’s simply that he will not really believe anything anyone says, including experts. He should perform his own investigation and analyze the information before accepting.

An Aquarius appreciates arguing and considering both sides of an issue. Someone who can participate in a verbal battle is someone he admires.

If you really want to keep an Aquarius guy engaged, show him you’re well-informed, passionate, and persuasive. Speak out when something matters to you, and ensure that he understands you can support your statements with facts.

3.     Surprise Him

Because Aquarians are so fully accessible and good at understanding people, it takes a lot to stun them. You can stun him, which will cause him to lose consciousness.

If you really want to shock him positively, kiss him out of nowhere at an unusual location, such as in the car when delayed at a red light.

If you want to offer him an unexpected surprise to toy with his brain, kiss someone else in front of him (if you’re not in a committed relationship, of course).

Make a significant declaration of love for him if you’re attracted to him and want to amaze him.

Consider regaling him at a crowded bar on open mic night or leaving him a meaningful present on his porch. It would be tougher for him to forget about you if you could astonish him more.

4.     You must outsmart him

Aquarians are clever and have valuable information, so you’ll truly blow his mind if you can outwit him.

When he talks about a topic he’s interested in, show him how very much you know about that. The deeper your topic expertise is, the more surprising and enigmatic.

He will be much more amazed if you have a wealth of knowledge about philosophical or religious things. These issues intrigue him because Aquarians are fascinated by the strange and unusual rather than facts.

You don’t have to take the same interest as an Aquarius to outwit them. You could even start an argument with him to put your knowledge to the test.

He appreciates a nice witticism; therefore, your discussion will be more of a challenge than a fight for him. If an Aquarius guy continues returning to chat to you, it’s one of the indicators he’s dying for you.


In this article, we have summarized how to beat an Aquarius man at his own game. Also, we have advised you not to show your emotions and ignore him. Because it helps to understand you the Aquarius man is interested in you or not. Hope this article will much help you to beat an Aquarius man.

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