How To Beat Tamoxifen Weight Gain


Are you taking tamoxifen? Then you definitely have many queries. Am I right? And when it comes to weight loss, the top 2 questions will be “Will I gain a lot of weight after taking tamoxifen?” and “If I do, How To Beat Tamoxifen Weight Gain?”

Both of these questions are really authentic questions. You may hear a lot of women talking about how they gained weight on tamoxifen. 

Is weight gain really something you are facing right now?

If so, we are going to explain How To Beat Tamoxifen Weight Gain and how to challenge your assumptions and beliefs to beat this extra fat. But first, let me clear you that what tamoxifen exactly is;

What is Tamoxifen, exactly?

For the treatment of breast cancer, the drug tamoxifen is prescribed. Women with a high breast cancer risk may also benefit from this treatment as a prophylactic step

It works by binding to estrogen receptors in the breast tissue and preventing estrogen from having any effect on it.

According to the National Cancer Institute, about 80 percent of breast tumors require estrogen to grow. All in all, tamoxifen has several advantages, but it is not without risks.

How To Beat Tamoxifen Weight Gain – A Comprehensive Guide 

Even under the best of conditions, losing weight is a difficult task. After a mastectomy, it might be much more difficult.

There are ways to get around this;

1 Challenge Your Assumptions

Many women begin to have the firm notion that they will gain weight after receiving a diagnosis and that this is a common occurrence. When you keep trying to lose weight and don’t see any results, it’s easy to believe that’s the case.

Because of this, we have to look for an alternative outcome. For those who believe they will never be able to shed the excess pounds, we have good news for you.

What kind of feeling does it conjure up for you, exactly?

Is it rage, despair, or hopelessness?

What are your most probable next steps if you’ve lost all hope? You probably won’t do anything, as you’ve already figured.

So now you should ask yourself  ‘How can you actually challenge this belief?’  and How can you exactly trigger a quite new emotion?

Maybe you’ll think like this:

Losing this weight is difficult, but despite this diagnosis, I will succeed. Not just for my family, but also for myself and other people. I will serve as an example to other ladies in similar situations.

Aren’t these thoughts inspiring you to be hopeful and determined?

And if you’re determined, as I’m sure you are and Kathy is, you’ll take action. And actions result in outcomes.

2 Explain Your Why

The fire that ignites your motivation is the reason “why” you desire to lose weight.

Weight loss after a diagnosis can be a lengthy and winding road with many setbacks and discouragements. That’s why it’s crucial to explain why you want to lose weight so you can refer back to it when things get tough.

What is your actual reason for this “why”?

  • Are you doing this to gain control again?
  • For improving your self-image?
  • To prove to everyone and yourself that you actually can?

Loving the way you are looking and feeling contributes too much to your well-being overall.

This is the strength of why!

3 Conquer Eating Emotionally

Emotional eating occurs when we eat for reasons other than hunger. It occurs when we use food to fill a void or dull our feelings.

This is a crucial topic, especially at this time. We talked about anxiety, worry, and despair earlier. Eating is frequently used as a means of self-comfort and coping with bad feelings.

Not only must we question our ideas, but we must also question our hunger.

If you think your hunger is emotional, consider what you’re really hungry for:

  • Perhaps, it has been quite a stressful day.
  • Maybe we are seeking the relish and pleasure of food.

It can sometimes be really beneficial to simply write about how it feels to have a desire that isn’t met. Many clients have indicated that this significantly reduces their discomfort, and that, like all discomfort or pleasure, it will pass.

Good Luck, folks!

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