How to Bypass FRP Lock on LG G5


FRP is a data protection feature that is built into all modern Android smartphones. It protects phones from unauthorized access. If users forget the last active Gmail account that was used on their phone after performing a factory reset, users must find a way to unlock their phone. Here, in particular, now start sharing a detailed procedure for successfully bypassing FRP Lock on LG G5 – Unlock Google GMAIL Lock [Android 6.0] Without PC/APK (New Security Patch). Google’s new FRP feature is available on Android Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Pie, Oreo, and 10 Q versions. FRP is shorthand for factory reset protection, and it essentially protects Android users’ privacy and personal information during thefts. With each new Android version and phone, the procedure of unlocking FRP security has changed. To avoid FRP shield lock, always remember their Gmail account information.

How to Lock LG g5

When users set up a Google Account on their LG G5 Phone, the FRP activates automatically. To bypass the Google account verification lock on their LG G5, users must log in with the same Google ID and password that users set up earlier on the device after resetting their phone without removing the Google Account. If their device is stuck at the FRP lock verification screen and users have forgotten their account information, then follow these simple step-by-step instructions to remove the Google account lock from their device.

The LG G5 FRP Unlock process has become very difficult. Users can also use any compatible FRP bypass tool & FRP APK according to their phone to unlock FRP, and here share the most recent FRP Bypass process to remove the FRP lock from their device.

How to Disable Factory Reset

To disable the FRP lock feature on their LG G5, go to the device Settings and delete the Gmail Account. To successfully disable the Factory Reset Protection, complete the following steps: navigate to the Accounts menu=>> Enter their Gmail address =>> account deletion =>> that’s all.

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  • First, turn on their LG G5.
  • Next, tap the Skip button.
  • Connect their phone to a network by turning on the wifi.
  • Return to the initial Welcome Screen now. Hold down the Emergency Call button and repeatedly tap the Next arrow.
  • Do these until users reach the Smart Forward or Home Screen
  • Select Next.
  • Their LG G5 phone will now be factory reset.
  • Wait for their phone to charge.
  • Set up all of the preliminary steps.
  • That’s all.

Google FRP lock is an excellent security feature that protects their device from unauthorized use. If users unintentionally remove their Google account from their device, it will be automatically locked. In this guide, we’ll show them how to easily bypass Google lock. We’ll talk about whether or not users can unlock their devices. Furthermore, we’ll show them how to use Ecolab Unlock Go (Android) – an extra vigilant tool for removing all types of device locks. FRP can be circumvented using PC software. However, there is no official method for performing this task wisely. To perform a Google lock bypass, users can use a variety of third-party FRP removal tools. The lack of an official method to bypass Google FRP lock is due to a security feature. However, users can use the phone by logging in with the email address users used to set it up.

Method 2: Bypass FRP Lock by Using Side SYNC

Side Sync is a program that allows users to transfer data and files between their Android device and their computer. Unfortunately, it is no longer being updated. Online, users can download various versions of side sync that are compatible with Android 5 and Android 6.

  • SideSync.apk should be downloaded and installed on their device.
  • Connect their device to the computer via a cable, and then run the downloaded program.
  • To proceed, select the Chrome option in a popup asking them to select an app to open the downloaded program.
  • Open the Google Play Store after downloading the program and install Side Sync on their device.
  • Install the APK file using ES File Explorer.
  • Go to Settings and then Backup and Reset.
  •  Tap the Factory Data Reset > Reset Device button. It will take some time for their device to be free of the FRP lock.

Google FRP lock is a useful security feature that allows users to protect their data if users lose their phone or pin. Researchers discussed how to use an FRP removal tool to bypass the Google account verification screen on Samsung/LG/ZTE Android devices in this blog. They’ve also discussed their advantages and disadvantages, so select the best option for them.


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