Trends to Understand in Home Phone Usage


Home phone use is an interesting subject that often varies heavily year by year and which can change based on many factors. Understanding varying home phone trends can help you decide which option is the best for your needs.

Cell Phones are the Golden Standard for Phone Calls

As you might expect, cell phones are by far the most popular communication method on the market. Some studies go so far as to say that around 97% of all Americans use a cell phone own one. Cell phone affordability and ease of use have pushed them high into the market.

This trend is likely to only increase, particularly as more people become comfortable using cell phones for internet services. For example, over half of the country now uses their cell phone as their primary internet source, often forgoing the use of computers entirely.

What may be surprising to some people, though, is that not everybody uses cell phones exclusively. While a majority of people, particularly younger generations, do not have any other communication method, there are still a surprising number of people on landlines.

This might surprise many readers, but not everybody on the market wants or uses a cell phone. After all, there’s a full three percent of the population that doesn’t own or use a cell phone at all. Instead, they may rely on landlines or other communication methods.

For instance, a recent study found that 40% of all Americans have a landline for their home. While that may seem quite small (and is a major downturn from even 20 years ago), it’s amazing to think that even that many people still hold onto their landline!

Some people may keep a landline for nostalgic reasons or simply because they’re locked into an internet deal that saves them money. Others may simply not enjoy cell phones or want to cut back on their screen time. However, others may be thinking of upgrading to VoIP services.

VoIP or voice over internet protocol has become a trending business communication option, with the market projected at over three billion global users with a $183.7 billion worth by 2027. It uses the internet to provide clear phone calls that also cut back on your overall expenses.

While it’s true that VoIP hasn’t yet stormed the home market, its potential usage could expand their heavily. For example, you could use your computer as a type of landline at home, while connecting your cell phone to the same number to stay in contact whenever you leave the house.

Whether you’re interested in expanding your cell phone usage, still hold onto a landline, or want to try out VoIP options, there are many trends that you can consider in your home phone use. Identifying the best choice for your needs will make this process easier and ensure that you are satisfied. It can also provide you with the high-quality communication you need.


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