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If you’re wondering who will win jeopardy today, read on. This article will tell you about Amy Schneider, Tyler Rhode, Carolyn Roach and Katrina Hill. Who is the strongest Jeopardy player? These four players have won a variety of previous Jeopardy titles. Let’s take a look at some of their achievements. If you can guess all of their answers, you’ll have a better idea of who will win this season.

Amy Schneider

“Jeopardy!” contestant Amy Schneider ended her 40-game winning streak Wednesday. The engineering manager from Oakland won a record twenty-one times and surpassed the previous record set by Julia Collins, who won twenty-one times in 2014. While she wore a sweater in honor of Collins, she did not match the mark. In addition to becoming the second transgender contestant to win the show, Schneider also became the first person from her community to qualify for the tournament of champions.

Although the show’s hosts have repeatedly discouraged winning streaks, Good Housekeeping has no plans to reinstate that rule. Historically, winning streaks have increased ratings. Nonetheless, Amy is not saying whether she’ll beat Matt’s 38-game record. Fans will have to tune in to find out. This is a good thing for viewers, but there are some drawbacks to this strategy. Despite the drawbacks, winning streaks have been a proven way to boost ratings.

Katrina Hill

The newest Jeopardy! champion is a former student of San Jose State University, Katrina Hill. A fan of the show, Katrina studied Social Science at San Jose State and worked as a Media Services Assistant at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library. She joined the Creative Alternatives, Is-Foster Family Agency in January 2019. In addition to working for the agency, she substitutes for classes at Merced Union High School Dist.

Tyler Rhode

It was a thrilling final day on “Jeopardy,” as the returning champion, Tyler Rhode, beat out two new contestants and earns $35,301 to win his second consecutive game. Tyler Rhode won the first game of the season with a score of 70/100, and he’s now ranked third overall in the Tournament of Champions. But his record-breaking streak hasn’t stopped him from making history, too.

In season 38 of Jeopardy!, two players have been on a winning streak for more than 10 games. During that time, Jonathan Fisher and Matt Amodio tied for the title of “Jeopardy!!” champions with 38 wins. However, in the last game, Fisher was eliminated by Tyler Rhode, who matched the record of those two contestants. After his fifth win on Nov. 2, Rhode has won four games and may have a few more wins this week.

Carolyn Roach

With her win on “Jeopardy!” today, Carolyn Roach becomes the fifth female winner of the show’s tournament of champions. Her winning streak now stands at seven games, placing her fifth on the list of most consecutive game winners and highest regular-season winnings. Only four people have won more games or won more money in the history of “Jeopardy!” This is her first time winning the Tournament of Champions.

As a contestant on “Jeopardy!” for nine seasons, Roach has become one of the most successful players in the show’s history. Her winning streak is currently the longest among Canadian contestants. During her winning streak, she broke the record for most consecutive games won by a Canadian contestant, and her win total is $2,520,700. Roach is also the highest-profile Gen Zer on the show, and she wore bold boxy blazers to the show.


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