Who Buys Catalytic Converters Near Me


Find a Recycler Who Buys Catalytic Converters For Cash Near You

You can find a recycler in your neighborhood who buys catalytic converters for cash. But you have to be careful when choosing the right one because some buyers may undervalue your converters. Before submitting your converters for sale, you should contact several auto parts shops near you and ask for estimates. Although the parts may be worth a lot, you do not know how much they will actually pay for them.

Recycling catalytic converters

Catalytic converters contain metallic carriers with a surface-enlarging substance. Their mass is less than 10% of that of the converters, making their recycling very efficient. The converters’ metallic catalysts are relatively easy to recover, but their process involves some energy. An improved method for recycling catalytic converters utilizes a mechanical comminuting station. The catalysts can be separated into two fractions: the first fraction contains the metallic catalysts, and the second fraction is composed of a surface-enlarging substrate.

Finding a recycler

There are many benefits to recycling your catalytic converter. While an aftermarket unit is worth next to nothing, a resale value of $100 to $300 is possible. Most converters are made from rare metals, which make them valuable even as secondhand parts. However, these converters have no safety systems, making them a prime target for thieves. If you think about it, your catalytic converter costs you less than a stereo or navigation system, which are expensive to purchase. However, a skilled thief can cut out the converter in minutes and steal your valuable car.

Getting a quote

Many mechanics and scrap yard workers offer low quotes for your catalytic converters. They tend to focus on the value of the metal or part instead of the value of the converter itself. You can avoid this by following these tips on how to get the highest price for your converters. Firstly, make sure that you have the serial number of the converter. This is essential when getting a quote for your catalytic converter.

Parking your catalytic converters

One of the best ways to protect your catalytic converters from theft is to park your vehicle in a well-lit area. These areas deter thieves because faces show up better on surveillance cameras, which can help police catch the thieves. Another tip for parking your vehicle safely is to park in well-lit public parking lots and high-traffic areas. Moreover, you can install motion sensors on your parking space to deter thieves.

Selling your catalytic converters

If you have a car that no longer works and you’re looking for a way to sell your old catalytic converters, there are a few different ways to sell them. While junkyards and scrap metal places may be the easiest and quickest ways to sell your converters, you can also find buyers online. While a scrap yard may be quicker, you can also find buyers online who specialize in this type of metal.


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