What is The Need for Automated Sortation in A Warehouse?


With the advancing technology, there is a need to formulate a system that can enable you to fulfill daily needs at the speed and efficiency that your clients and prospects expect. Automated sortation is ideal for shifting your business from mundane manual sortation into an efficient system. 

Modern warehouse sortation systems are essential for logistics involving handling high-volume inventory. They allow you to sort product size, contents, and other elements of your products at an incredible speed. The systems are versatile, and top in shape, capable of sorting over 500 items per minute.

What is the Sortation System?

A sortation system consists of various devices, algorithms, and special task-specific hardware. The systems recognize individual items on the conveyor system and direct them to the precise location in the warehouse. They allow your supply chain manager to have more control over parcels, loads, and reaction times. These technologies significantly boost item sorting speed while lowering error rates and costs.

The Benefits of Automated Sortation

  • The systems enable you to process thousands of goods of various sizes each hour swiftly, correctly, and efficiently.
  • Modern automated systems enhance shipping by ensuring the delivery of each parcel or carton to the correct address.
  • While human employees may misplace boxes and incorrectly dispatch packages, the automated sortation system is significantly more productive and error-free.
  • High-speed sorting systems are crucial in sorting returned merchandise.


It is no doubt that automated sortation is crucial in any modern warehouse to help cope with the market demands. If you need top automated systems, ensure you seek services from a reputable company. Logistics efficiency will improve, and your workers will love coming to your business every morning. 


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