Types of Work Dresses To Wear for a Job Interview


Are you stumped about what type of work dress you should wear for your upcoming job interview? Don’t fret!  Below is a practical guide to stylish work dresses that will see you comfortably through interviews, the first day, and beyond.

1. Blazer dress

A blazer dress is a classic look that you can always rely on. It sends the message that you’re ready to get down to business.

Blazer dresses are sophisticated enough to wear to a job interview, even at a tech company or start-up. You can have fun with your accessories and show the interviewer your personality with your choice of jewelry and accessories.

2. Shift dress

It is one of the most effortless work dresses to throw on. You can add layers or keep it simple with just the dress and some accessories. 

It’s classic, chic, and looks great on just about everyone. It’s also appropriate for various industries, but don’t hesitate to add pops of color or pattern if the office is casual or creative.

3. Sheath dress

When choosing your sheath dress, opt for a classic style made in a neutral color. Try pairing it with a colorful cardigan or blazer in jewel tones such as ruby red, emerald green, or sapphire blue if you like to accessorize. 

They’ll add some color to your look while maintaining an overall professional appearance. As for shoes, stick with simple pumps that coordinate with your dress and accessories.


Workwear does not have to be stiff and formal with floor-sweeping skirts and blazers. When accompanied by the right balance of accessories, loose, airy dresses exude a polished, business-ready look.


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