The Baccarat Hotel Bar


The Baccarat Hotel Bar

The Baccarat Hotel offers a great selection of cocktails, champagnes, and more. You can even enjoy caviar in this sophisticated bar. Read on to learn more about The Bar at Baccarat Hotel and what you can expect. We’ll also talk about the decor and the drinks list.

The Bar at Baccarat Hotel

The Bar at Baccarat Hotel serves up craft cocktails and wine, as well as small plates. There is also an intimate terrace where guests can sit and enjoy the view.

The drinks list

The drinks list at the Baccarat hotel bar is extensive and glitzy. It features a variety of small plates, wine, and craft cocktails. There is also an intimate terrace.

The decor

If you like cocktails and fine wine, the Baccarat hotel’s glitzy bar is a must-visit. The menu features craft cocktails and small plates. It also has an intimate terrace.

The caviar

The Baccarat hotel’s bar is an elegant and stylish spot that serves French-influenced snacks and cocktails. The bar’s menu features dishes such as caviar and petite potato buns, as well as lobster dumplings and hand-cut tuna tartare. There’s also a classic charcuterie board.

The house-made truffles

The house-made truffles at Baccarat Hotel’s bar are a delectable treat that’s sure to wow your taste buds. The chocolate is a world-class creation, made in-house by renowned pastry chef Marc Aumont, who’s renowned for his exquisite chocolates and artful presentation. He combines French technique and inspiration with New York style and quality ingredients. He will be working as the hotel’s culinary director.

The diamonds in the Royal Sidecar cocktail

The Baccarat Hotel’s bar is adorned with diamonds and other precious gems. Named for the French crystal company’s 253-year history, the hotel boasts lavish furnishings and décor, and a cocktail menu featuring extravagant creations. The hotel’s “Royal Sidecar” cocktail combines Remy Martin Louis XIII with Grand Marnier Quintessence and is served in a Baccarat 24-karat-gold-painted Harcourt glass. The drink is priced at a whopping $500.


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