Tesla spikes 12 percent as Musk comments on demand, EV stocks surge


Tesla stock likely jumped based on comments Elon Musk made earlier today at the Qatar Economic Forum hosted by Bloomberg on Tuesday. Musk noted that Tesla’s growing demand had countered the industry, which has swelled with competitors in the past few years. Additionally, Musk believes inflationary pressure, which has caused Tesla to increase prices on several occasions this year, will not stop the company from selling its cars.

“As anyone knows who has tried to order a Tesla, the demand for our cars is extremely high and the wait list is long,” Musk said. Despite increasing prices and uncertain supply chain conditions, Tesla has still managed to grow its order sheet and deliveries. However, the company’s streak of nine straight quarters of delivery growth may be in jeopardy following a three-week shutdown at the automaker’s Shanghai production plant.

Shares could also be affected by positive comments from Qatar Investment Authority CEO H.E. Mansoor Bin Ebrahim Al- Mahmoud, who stated the fund believes “in Elon’s leadership, and that’s why we have committed on this transaction.” Musk replied by stating that he appreciated the vote of confidence.

Following news that Musk would acquire Twitter in a massive $44 billion deal, some Tesla shareholders became increasingly wary of the fact that he would have to leverage some of his holdings to fund the Twitter deal. However, Musk has received increased support financially through a group of investors that include Larry Ellison, among many others. This has relieved Musk of having to leverage so much of his personal net worth and holdings to buy the social media platform. Tesla shares were affected by a broad sell0ff of shares after the Twitter deal was announced, but investors are becoming more confident in the move now that less pressure is on Musk and his Tesla shares.

Tesla shares are down 39.55 percent on the year, but up 16.82 percent over the past 365 days.


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