Moneybagg Yo Rap Lyrics


Moneybagg Yo Rap Lyrics

Moneybagg Yo, Future, and Ariana Fletcher make their presence felt in the rap world by delivering a sultry verse that will leave listeners begging for more. With the lyrics “Harder for the Next,” the duo proves they’re boyfriend material, making it harder for lovers to find someone better than them. In addition to Future, Moneybagg Yo’s girlfriend appears prominently in the music video.


Hard For The Next is a song by the rappers Moneybagg Yo and Future. Both artists have been open about multiple women and their current relationships. The song’s title reflects that, despite being in various relationships, these two still have the ability to find women they feel attracted to. It also features the leading lady of the video, Moneybagg Yo’s girlfriend. This single will certainly make you want to date them more.

Moneybagg Yo

If you are looking for the best moneybagg yo rap lyrics, then you’ve come to the right place. Moneybagg Yo is a rapper who has been on the rise ever since Pharrell Williams referred to him as his favorite rapper. Future and Moneybagg Yo are now working together to deliver a new single called “Hard for the next.” The music video was released Friday and has already received millions of views.

The rapper’s recent interview with Billboard magazine has been a rousing one, as he described Future as his “top five” favorite artist and “definitely influential” in shaping his own style. But Moneybagg Yo felt that Future was trying to hold onto ‘Harder for the next’ for himself. “Is he trying to hide a good song?” he asked, and the rapper replied no.

Ariana Fletcher

During the seventh grade, Ariana Fletcher wrote her first song about heartbreak. She and her best friend, Nicole, had never been romantically involved until that time. The lyrics ran through all the cliches of a breakup, from sobbing into your pillow to eating a pint of ice cream. Her song was terrible, but she pushed on, and it’s now one of her most popular songs.

The breakup rumors began a few weeks after Ari and Moneybagg Yo’s relationship was revealed. Upon receiving news of the breakup, the pair unfollowed each other on Instagram. They also posed with a picture of their daughter wearing tights, sparking the breakup rumors. Despite their breakup, the pair are still on Instagram, though they no longer follow each other.

Ariana Fletcher has been making headlines lately with her recent involvement in the case of the child’s father G Herbo. She has since announced she would testify against G Herbo in court. After the news broke, the phrase “Damn Ari” began trending on Twitter. Although Fletcher has denied snitching, the controversy continued to build. Recently, Moneybagg Yo released a song featuring references to BM. In response to the allegations, fans and trolls took to Twitter to express their shock at the news.

Ari Fletcher is the girlfriend of rapper Moneybagg Yo. Her net worth is estimated at 1.5 million USD. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, on July 12, 1995. Her mother is white, and her father is African-American. The couple shared a difficult relationship, and Ari’s father was reportedly not very supportive. While the relationship is still active, Moneybagg and Ariana’s father are no longer together.


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