Industrial Band Heaters Why Are They Necessary


A band heater is a heating device that is used to heat objects and fluids through thermal radiation. It produces an infrared ray that can transfer heat into a specific object without touching it. The process of transferring heat is known as thermal radiation, which involves transferring energy by electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic waves produced by a band heater are in the infrared spectrum, hence the term ‘band’ heater. A band heater uses electromagnetic induction to produce thermal radiation at specific wavelengths in the infrared spectrum. The band heater was invented in 1925 and has several applications today in both domestic and industrial settings. From drying crops to sterilizing medical equipment, there are many uses for band heaters depending on the type of application. Let’s take a look at some of the common uses for band heaters:

Drying grains and beans 

Drying grains and beans are one of the oldest uses of band heaters. It is often used to store grains and beans for long periods of time. The process of drying grains and beans dries out the produce, preventing it from spoiling. However, it also reduces the nutritional value of the product. The process requires a specific amount of time for the product to dry out. This is where band heaters come into play. It is used to control the rate of drying, making it suitable for industrial settings where a lot of produce is processed at one time.


The process of sterilization is often used in the medical industry. Band heaters are used to sterilize medical equipment, preventing the spread of bacteria and other harmful diseases such as cholera and syphilis. The process of sterilization occurs at a high temperature, killing any harmful pathogens that may be present on the medical equipment. Band heaters are used because they do not come into direct contact with the medical equipment, meaning they do not risk damaging the equipment during the process. Another use of band heaters in the medical industry is in the disinfection of surfaces. The process of disinfection is used to kill harmful pathogens that may be present on surfaces such as door handles and door knobs. Disinfection uses a similar process to sterilization, except the temperature used is much lower, making it safer for humans and animals.


The process of welding involves two pieces of metal coming into contact with each other and being melted together to form one piece. Welding is often used in the construction and shipbuilding industries to create large structures. The welding process requires a high temperature of around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit to melt the two pieces of metal together. Band heaters are used to increase the temperature of the metal during the welding process, creating a stronger bond between the two pieces of metal. The band heater works by increasing the temperature of the surface of the metal, causing it to become red hot and melt into one piece with the other piece of metal.

Industrial drying and heating 

The process of industrial drying is used in many industries and involves the removal of moisture from different types of dry goods, such as grains and beans. Industrial drying is often used in the food industry to prevent food from spoiling. The drying process removes excess water from the produce, preventing it from rotting. Industrial heating is used to increase the temperature of liquids, such as oil and water, for industrial processes. It is often used to increase the temperature of the water used in power plants to create steam. Industrial heating can also be used to warm the air in environments, such as in warehouses, to create a more comfortable working environment. Band heaters are often used in industrial settings because they have a high surface temperature, allowing them to transfer a large amount of heat into the material they are heating up. They also have a low rate of thermal conductivity, meaning they do not conduct heat easily. This makes them suitable for use in certain industrial processes that require a low rate of thermal conductivity such as in oil and water heating.

Summing Up 

Industrial band heaters are different from residential heaters in that they are designed for industrial applications that require extreme heat. Industrial band heaters are used for drying, sterilization, and processing purposes. They are heavy-duty and designed to handle large amounts of heat. Industrial band heaters can be found in hospitals, food processing plants, pharmaceutical companies, and other high-heat environments. They are not ideal for residential spaces because they produce too much heat and may cause damage to the home’s structure.


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