How To Right Click Without a Mouse


For any reason, if your mouse is not working efficiently, you may have to operate the function of right-clicking with the keyboard instead. Obviously, it’s possible to do it. Plus, there are also different procedures by which you can use the right-click without even using a mouse.

Do you have the same issues? If yes, then you might have a question in your mind about how to right click without a mouse. So, if you want to know how to right click without a mouse, just keep reading;

How To Right Click Without a Mouse – A Comprehensive Guide

Method 1 — Using Shortcuts:

  1. In order to right click an object, use the [Tab] key, then make use of the arrow keys of your keyboard to choose the desired item. Using the “Shift” and ‘F10’ keys, you may conduct a right-click on an object. From here, you can use the hotkey for arrow keys to navigate through the Context menu and choose an option.
  2. The Context key, positioned between the “Control” key & the Windows key, may also be used to select an item. On the very right side of the keyboard, you should find these keys.

Method 2 — Using MouseKeys:

You can simply configure your numeric left-hand sided keypad for stimulating all the mouse actions efficiently. Just follow all the below steps efficiently and clearly:

  1. The Start menu may be accessed by pressing “Ctrl” and “Esc.”
  2. Press the “Enter” key after selecting Settings, Control Panel, and finally System and Security.
  3. To find the Accessibility Options folder in the Control Panel, use the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  4. Select the Mouse tab by moving the arrow keys in the Accessibility Options folder.
  5. Pressing “Alt” and “M” together will then enable the MouseKeys. After that, you’ll need to use the “Alt” and “A” keys to apply your modifications.
  6. The NumLock must be enabled. Your numeric keyboard should now act as a mouse after you’ve done this.
  7. Use 6 to move right. To go to the right, use 4. To ascend, use 8. Use 2 to go down.
  8. Use 5 to do a single click.
  9. The + symbol is used to double-click.
  10. It is possible to right-click by using the – symbol and pressing five. After pressing / on the numeric keypad, the right click will be unlocked and may be used again.

Pressing “Alt” and “Enter” will take you straight to the Property Dialog Box, skipping the Context menu entirely.

How Can I Stimulate The Right-Click Efficiently From a Keyboard?

Here are some of the most fundamental and noteworthy points:

  • As soon as you hit [Tab], press [Shift][F10] to select the item on the desktop. Exactly as if you right-clicked the item, the Context menu will show when you do this. Then, you can either click the hotkey for the choice you want or use the up and down arrow keys to navigate through the list.
  • Context is located between the [Control] and Windows keys (the one with the Windows logo) on the very right side of the keyboard. After selecting an item, hit [Context]. It’s possible that this key doesn’t exist on every keyboard since it has a hollow mouse pointer arrow pointing towards what looks like a file cabinet.

In order to do a mouse right-click on a Windows tablet with a touch screen, you just tap an icon with your finger and keep it there until a little box appears. The same contextual menu appears when you raise your finger. The menu remains open until a command, such as “Copy,” is selected.

Go to the Windows Control Panel by opening the PC Settings app on the Apps screen and selecting the Control Panel link at the bottom of the list to change the time it takes to press and hold until the menu displays. To get to the Control Panel, you may use Win+x to open the Windows X menu, and then pick Control Panel from the drop-down menu that appears.

Select “Pen and Touch” from the All Control Panel Items window. Select “Press and hold/Right-click” from the drop-down menu that appears, then press the Settings button. There are sliders that you may use to adjust the pace and length of the “Press and Hold” action. Once you’re happy with your edits, click OK.

In this article, all the factors are covered regarding how to right click without a mouse. So, we hope that all your doubts related to how to right click without a mouse are now cleared.

Good luck, folks!

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