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In the present time, the global world is bound digitally. People can transfer money and can easily make international transactions by using different apps and sites. Now a days, is the most commonly used app. It is very common particularly, among those who want to transfer or exchange online. They do not need to go anywhere if they have their accounts in this application they can transfer or receive the money easily through it. For using this app people need to know that how it works, what kind of money is used in it and how it processed.


This is a virtual currency that uses cryptography which was created through the use of encrypted algorithms. Due to the use of encryption technologies, cryptocurrencies can perform as both an exchange rate and a digital accounting system. A cryptocurrency account is required to use cryptocurrencies. is a site that offers a wide range of services to its subscribers. It is an investment and trading platform that enables users to exchange cryptocurrencies. This digital technology is going to invest and trolling easier, and it offers e-wallets and other similar sites.

crypto currency
crypto currency

Basic example of crypto currency

The most famous examples of cryptocurrency are as follows;


It is the first cryptocurrency which is founded in 2009. It is a very commonly traded currency. Bitcoin’s legalization varies from region to region. Nine countries have outright prohibited the use of Bitcoin, while another fifteen have prohibited it implicitly. Several governments have made the use of Bitcoin in certain scenarios depending on their circumstances.



It is also known as ether and it is used for blockchain platforms like cryptocurrency. It is developed in 2015. And now the usage of this currency is increasing day by day.



It is also similar to Bitcoin. But it has quickly moved to develop innovations and technology. It is considered the fastest way to exchange money.



It is used to track different kinds of transactions and it was founded in 2012.


How To Delete a Crypto Account

People can also delete their accounts but if they delete their account on then it means that the account like crypto visa card, or exchange account is also deleted or has expired. They cannot use this account again. But before deleting their account they need to make it sure that their account balance is clear and there is no money left. Otherwise, they will go through a very long process for their recovery. To learn how to delete your account, you need to follow the following steps.

Withdraw Your Money

  • Please consider removing or having to spend all leftover balances in the accounts before starting the process.


  • If user’s virtual currency balance is less than the minimum withdrawal limit, kindly contact the customer service department for assistance with withdrawal computation (where the amount can cover the withdrawal fee).

Information and Addressing

  • Send the email with the subject: [email protected] from their registered email address for account Closure.


  • For more information on the cancellation process and payment for Visa Card, see that how was the account fee which is $50 to close the account.


  • After deleting the account users have the facility to again sign up another new account but they do not use their previous account.

Process of Canceling Crypto Visa Card Service

Sometimes, users face problems regarding the crypto visa card and they are unable to freeze their account. They need some information regarding users account and most of the time users forget their password or information of their respective accounts. So, they do not need to be worry about it. they just need to follow few steps that are:

  • First, open the page crypto visa card and tap on the card icon option on portable or mobile device. And the icon of the card was right top side of the page on the screen. Users just want to click and open it.
  • Now they need to freeze their card open the page of the green visa card and tap on the option of freeze account or view pin on the screen. Then confirm the freeze option.
  • Now time to wait for a confirmation of the deleted account. This is the most important step that every user should do. They just go to for this process and then delete all options after that they received a confirmation message of the account deleted.  These above are the major steps that every user should know.


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