How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat


How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat

If you’re researching how to clean Lululemon yoga mats, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll guide you thru a simple step-by-step procedure for cleaning Lululemon yoga mats. So let’s get started;

The advantages of using a yoga mat are undeniable, regardless matter whether you practice yoga indoors or outdoors. They’re made to keep you safe while you’re doing asanas or stretching by preventing you from slipping on your perspiration. They also create a comfortable landing surface that is neither too soft nor too harsh.

A complete guide about how to clean lululemon yoga mat

Lululemon Yoga Mats: How are they made?

Lululemon Yoga Mats are made with technology and materials that ensure a solid grip during the sessions. Natural fiber and polyurethane are used to make these mats, with the latter serving as a coating and providing anti-slip properties.

Polyurethane is very good at absorbing sweat and moisture. They also feature an antibacterial component that works to avoid mildew and mold from growing on the mat.

Why is it necessary to clean your yoga mat on a daily basis?

A yoga mat is one with which you have a lot of physical contacts. Your skin comes into contact with it and because yoga includes a lot of breathing movements. When you breathe, the microscopic products are on the mat as well.

Lululemon Yoga Mats are designed specifically for people who do hot yoga. It implies that with each session, it absorbs sweat and oil from the body. As a result, bacteria, mold, and other dangerous germs develop on the yoga mat. Unless you do not clean the mat regularly and properly, you develop severe skin infections as well as inhaling germs and having respiratory difficulties.


Cleaning your Lululemon Yoga Mat can be done in a variety of alternative ways. Here we mentioned below;


Essential oils are well-known for their pleasant aroma, but few people have heard of their antifungal and antibacterial qualities. These properties are applied in the following combination. However, you have to require 4 ounces of water, 14 cups of witch hazel, tea tree oil, and lavender oil. Pour the water into a bowl, then add some witch hazel and two drops of tea tree and lavender essential oils appropriately.

By nature of its fragrance, tea tree oil aids in the fight against bacteria, while lavender oil contributes to the freshness of cleansing. Other essential oils like lemongrass, peppermint, and eucalyptus can be added as well. All of these have their own advantages, as well as pleasant scents that leave your mat feeling clean. It’s also fine to use a combination of more than two essential oils. Before you add the oils to the mixture, think about the types of scents you enjoy.

Pour this mixture into a spray bottle, spray it on the mat, then wipe it clean from end to end with a wet cloth, paper towel, or microfiber towel. Put your mat out in a well-ventilated area and fold it only after it is entirely dry. Otherwise, mold will return.

It’s important not to spray the solution on the studio floor since the oils will create it slippery. To avoid this, hold the container from a few inches away to your mat and then spray.


In a bowl, combine one teaspoon baking soda and five to ten drops of lemon juice. Once the bubbles develop, then add a cup of water and carefully mix it. Pour this onto the mat, then wipe it off with a cloth.

You can also soak your cloth in the mixture and use it to clean the mat. Take a few minutes for the mat to rest. It should be washed in warm water and then dried.

What is the mechanism behind this solution? Baking soda provides needed gentle friction without causing damage to the carpet, and lemon aids in germ-killing. If you like the smell of lemon, a few drops of lemon essential oil can be added for a fresh scent.


For cleaning yoga mats, many ready-made cleaning solutions are available on the market. They may be found in all main shopping places as well as online. There are both chemical and organic remedies.

There may be days when you are too lazy or pressed for time to make cleaning solutions at home – these are the days when ready-made cleaners come in useful. These are normally prepared in accordance with all government regulations and do not affect your skin. You may also check the ingredients before buying a product to see if there are any goods that you are allergic to.


We hope you found this article about how to clean a lululemon yoga mat useful. Make sure to keep your yoga mat clean so that you can maintain its longevity and stickiness. With a little bit of effort, you can keep your yoga mat in great condition for years to come. Thank you for reading!


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