Hair trends are a huge part of a person’s personality


Hair Trends 2022

Hair trends are a huge part of a person’s personality. From soft summer bangs to wet look hair to tweed blonde, there are a ton of options to choose from. We’ve surveyed experts and spoken to stylists to help you decide which style to try next.

Soft summer bangs

If you want to have a soft summer hairstyle, consider adding soft summer bangs. These bangs add length and movement to your face frame. You can either pin them to the side or keep them long and pinned on one side. Whatever you decide, make sure your bangs are shiny and healthy. You can add shine with at-home hot oil treatments or a hair gloss from the colorist.

Wet-look hair

Wet-look hairstyles are in. The trend was predicted by hair stylist Alysa Pace, and we’ve seen plenty of celebrities rock them recently, including Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid. This hairstyle was also popular for the Baftas this year. The awards show was a time to dress appropriately and respect the country’s culture, so attendees were asked to wear black and yellow. In fact, the actor and British TV presenter Benedict Cumberbatch wore a yellow badge, which is the national colour of Ukraine.

Snatched ponytails

If you’re looking for the latest hairstyle, snatched ponytails are on the list. These stylish tresses are easy to create and maintain, and look great when finished with a scrunchie. The latest hair trend has even earned the praise of celebrity hairstylists, including Patrick Wilson, Tangle Teezer Ambassador, and model Dua Lipa.

Tweed blonde

Tweed Blonde hairstyles will be big news next season, according to top hair colorists. These softer, more natural highlights will give a dimensional look to your hair.

The bob

The bob haircut is a versatile style that can be worn by women of any age. The cut is usually medium to short, and falls around the jawline. It can be styled with different lengths and angles, and can even feature bangs and side-parted fringe.

Tweed brunette

Tweed hair is a textured style that looks fabulous on brunettes. This style is based on woven fabric and the colors are subtle and distributed throughout the hair. The lighter nuances are used as highlights and should blend in with the base color. This style can be created by using special dyeing techniques to achieve a tweed effect that suits every woman’s facial structure and length.

Tweed blonde bob

If you’re looking for a trendy hair color for the new season, Tweed Blonde is the one to go for. It’s a warm, slightly dimensional shade of blonde with lows and highs. The Tweed Blonde trend begins with a dark blonde or light brown base colour and gradually introduces lighter and darker shades. The new trend is expected to be popular next season and beyond.


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