Employer’s Guide to Doing Payroll


When you own a business, you do everything you can to keep it afloat and thriving. In fact, most businesses fail in their first few years. Turns out, not knowing how to do payroll effectively can be one of the leading causes of this.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of figuring out how to keep your payroll in compliance with all federal laws. Read on to learn everything you need to know about doing payroll.

Payroll Software

As your business grows, you will need to start thinking about payroll. This can be a daunting task, but with the right payroll software, it can be a breeze. Here is a guide to choosing the right payroll software for your business.

Consider Your Business Needs

Do you have a lot of employees? Do you need to track time off and vacation days? Do you need to withhold taxes?

Once you know what your business needs are, you can start looking for software that offers those features.

Consider Your Budget

Payroll software can be expensive, so you need to make sure you find something that fits within your budget. Don’t worry, there are a lot of options out there, so you should be able to find something that works for you.

Consider Ease of Access

Decide if you want a cloud-based or desktop-based solution. Cloud-based solutions are becoming more popular because they offer more flexibility and are easier to use but they can be more expensive.

Desktop-based solutions are still a good option, especially if you have a limited budget.

Payroll Taxes

As an employer, it is your responsibility to withhold, remit, and report payroll taxes. Payroll taxes include income tax, social security, and medicare taxes. Withholding and remitting payroll taxes to the government ensures that your employee payroll is properly taxed on their income.

Reporting payroll taxes also allows the government to keep track of your business’s compliance with tax regulations. If you are new to the business, you may be wondering how to get started with payroll taxes.

The first step is to register your business with the IRS. Once you have registered your business, you will need to obtain an employer identification number (EIN). You will use this number to identify your business when filing taxes and to communicate with the IRS.

Payroll Services

Managing payroll can be overwhelming when you’re under-informed. Payroll services can be a great asset to employers, as they can help with all aspects of payroll, from tax compliance to direct deposit. When choosing a payroll service, employers should make sure to do their research and find a reputable and trustworthy provider.

A good service will make the payroll process easier and less stressful for employers and can help ensure that employees are paid correctly and on time. You can also visit payactiv.com to learn about easy payroll management.

Start Doing Payroll Correctly Today

If you are an employer, it is important to know how to do payroll correctly. This guide will help you understand the basics of payroll and how to comply with the law. Payroll can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be with the right tools and information, you can confidently run your own payroll.

Doing payroll can also be time-consuming, so it is important to plan ahead and allow yourself enough time to complete the process.

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