CS:GO Dust 2 Callouts Introduction


CS:GO Dust 2 Callouts Introduction

CS:GO Dust

CS:GO Dust: The introduction content of each location in csgo callouts dust 2 allows players to have a clearer and quicker understanding of the location!

CS:GO Dust: Dust 2 can be said to be the most popular and most played map in CS:GO, and it can also be said to be the most iconic map in CS:GO. If you want to win in the Dust 2 map , it is very important to understand the annotations of Dust 2, because it is related to the communication between you and your teammates.

CS:GO Dust: There are many annotations in Dust 2, and it is still difficult to remember. Let me introduce csgo callouts dust 2 to you. I want to know For more information about CS:GO Dust 2, please visit snsthegame.com .

Back Plat

This is a special part of the B platform that is only really used as a callout when the player is anchored to the back of the walkway .

B Back Site

You can find this place behind the B bomb site , this callout is a somewhat loose term but usually means anywhere behind the crate pile.

Double Stack

In addition to those boxes near the B Window, there are a bunch of boxes at the B bomb site , and the Double Stack label refers to these boxes .


If you want to find a hiding place, this mark is a very good hiding place, the Fence mark can be found on the B Site .

Big Box

In the area in the middle of the map there is an object that looks like a game console known as the Big Box .

B Window

If you are new to the dust 2 map , this label may confuse you a bit . The B Window actually refers to the opening in the brick wall of the B site. You need to climb a bunch of crates to get to the B Window .

B Default Plant > CS:GO Dust

The B Default Plant annotation precisely points out the best place to place the bomb at the B Site , and its position is directly below the B Window.

B Doors >CS:GO Dust

B Doors are those doors that lead to B.

B Car > CS:GO Dust

The position of the B Car is on the exit side of the tunnel . If you want to remind your teammates to pay attention to the enemies behind the car , you can use this Dust 2 mark.

Close > CS:GO Dust

Close refers to the exit position from the B tunnel on the way to the B bomb site .

B Closet > CS:GO Dust

B Closet can sometimes be used interchangeably with B Car , specifically referring to the corner part of B Site .

B Boxes > CS:GO Dust

B Boxes is the crate on the map between B Doors and CT Mid , and it ‘s a great vantage point .

Scaffolding > CS:GO Dust

Scaffolding, a pile of construction equipment and scaffolding near B Window , is an elevated location , but it ‘s also a valuable vantage point .

CT Mid > CS:GO Dust

CT Mid is a relatively broad place , this label includes the space between CT Spawn, B Site and Mid .

CT Spawn

The CT Spawn callout refers to the spawn point of the CT faction on the Dust 2 map .

Middle Doors

Mid Doors refers to those doors in the middle of the map .

Close Mid Doors

Close Mid Doors refers to the space to the right of the middle door .


Xbox is a big box in the middle. This callout might be useful if you’re looking for shortcuts to the A Short and the Catwalk .


Catwalk refers to a corridor connecting the middle of the map with A bomb site and A Short .

A Short

A Short refers to the walkway connecting the A bomb site to the Midsection , which is the favorite place of the T camp .


Stairs refers to the connecting stairs connecting A Short and Catwalk .

A Plat

A Plat contains the location of the explosion point . Although the total area of this area is quite large, using this label can usually accurately locate the position between A short and the main explosion point.


Goose refers to the goose graffiti on the back of the barrel of the A bomb point .


The Barrels callout refers to the barrels near the A Site fence .

A Default Plant

A Default Plant is the default plant location for part A of the map .

A Ramp

A Ramp is a ramp connecting A Cross and A bomb site .

A Cross

It is an exposed area between A Long and A Site , so be careful to avoid snipers firing .


Elevator can be found near A Site Platform , a common regrouping place for CT factions .

Short Boost

A handy boost point for CT agents , the Short Boost points to the dump truck near the CT spawn .

A Car

A Car refers to the car near A Long.

A Long

A Long is a narrow runway that connects Bombsite A with the pit and the long gate , be careful when crossing A Long or you can easily get pinned here.

Long Corner

Long Corner refers to the buildings near the LongDoors , a popular location for the CT camp .


Blue refers to the large shipping container located near A LongDoors .

Pit Plat

Pit Plat is the platform next to the Pit and is a good sniping spot .


Pit is located on the sloped part of the Dust 2 map , next to the Long Doors .

Side Pit

Side Pit is useful to differentiate the larger pit sections of the Dust 2 map. If you have trouble telling one pit from another , you can look for downward slopes .

Long Doors

Long Doors refer to the doors connecting A Long and Outside Long.

Outside Long

Outside Long is located near the spawn location of the T camp on the map , it usually refers to the exposed area in front of the Long Door .

Top Mid

Top Mid is located in the upper part of Mid .


Mid is the general term for the middle part of the dust 2 map .


New players can easily confuse the Palm , and while there is now a telephone pole at this point , this spot was once occupied by a palm tree , which you can see near the Catwalk .


Suicide refers to the large pit located just outside the Mid Door, and it ‘s a particularly dangerous corner of the Dust 2 map .

Outside Tunnels

Outside Tunnels is another fairly large area of the map , generally referring to the open portion in front of the B Tunnels .

T Ramp

T Ramp is the ramp connecting the B tunnel and T Spawn , be careful not to confuse it with the T platform .

T Plat

T Plat is a raised area that connects the T Spawn portion of the map with the outer B tunnel .

T Spawn

The T Spawn callout refers to the spawn point of the T faction on the Dust 2 map .

The above is the entire content of csgo callouts dust 2. If all gamers want to continue to learn more about CS:GO, you may wish to visit snsthegame.com. They will prepare the latest information guide content for you. you!


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