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Content Marketing Coordinator at Stripe

As a Content Marketing Coordinator at Stripe, you’ll work closely with the Product Marketing team to develop content that features new products and unique capabilities. In addition, you’ll highlight Stripe’s expertise and user experiences. If you’ve ever worked in B2B marketing, this position may be an ideal fit for you. In addition to your expertise, you’ll be able to share the experiences of Stripe’s users and showcase how the company is revolutionizing B2B payments.

Job description

The content marketing team at Stripe is responsible for creating high-quality content across multiple channels, including blogs, e-books, and email marketing. They also own the strategy for engaging all segments of the audience. This group also coaches and mentors writers across the Marketing team. These individuals develop content for blog posts, guides, emails, customer stories, ad copy, and more. Content written by the content marketing team contributes to the overall marketing strategy for the brand and helps drive demand generation for the brand.

As a member of the content marketing team, you’ll work closely with the Product Marketing team to understand the brand voice and create compelling content. Your work will be centered around the customer experience and will feature your expertise in the Stripe product. You’ll also work with other team members, and manage external contractors.


The Cost of a Content Marketing Team varies depending on the number of people involved. The less people involved, the cheaper the cost. The more people involved, the more complicated it gets. External consultants can add more costs to the mix. Some tasks are the sole responsibility of the marketing team, while others are delegated to individual contributors. The Content Marketing Team’s main expense will be writers.

The cost of a content marketing team can range anywhere from two thousand dollars to over $12,000 per month. The cost depends on your company’s size, marketing budget, and the amount of work you need done. Some of the costs include keyword research, on-site optimization, and social media content. Some of these are paid services, but you can also find cheap freelancers on Upwork or other freelance websites.

Size of team

Hiring a content marketing team is an excellent way to achieve your content marketing goals. These professionals will write well-written blog posts that will engage your readers and boost your website’s traffic. The end result will be more conversions and sales. The team will save you time and money. In addition, you’ll get the expertise of people who understand different types of language and can gauge the tone of your content.

As your content team grows, communication and alignment of goals will be the biggest challenges. While incorporating integrated cloud technology will help with communication, short in-person meetings are still crucial to maintaining productivity and motivation. We’ve tested three content team structures that work well for companies of all sizes. Feel free to experiment with different configurations to find what works best for your business.


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