Attracting New Customers With Plastic Coupon Cards


Attracting New Customers With Plastic Coupon Cards

Plastic coupon Cards have the ability to drive new customers to your business and directly influence the company’s ability to generate new revenue. There are several methods for distributing plastic coupon cards and benefits from using this form of marketing.

In a 2020 research study, it was determined that through the use of coupons, among other marketing efforts, that 60% of participants were convinced to try the new product, while 59% of participants were more willing to purchase items not on their list, as a result of having a coupon handy, 54% of participants were more likely to make an impulse purchase with their coupon, while 46% of participants had actively changed their planned purchases to incorporate the sale of the coupon. The numbers speak for themselves as to the benefits of using plastic coupon cards.

Another key aspect to using plastic coupon cards is that a potential customer can use them at the convenience of their own home. That means that customers are not required to visit the physical location. The coupon code allows the customer to make online purchases in the comfort of their home.

Careful consideration should be given to this type of strategy. While the coupons may attract new customers and engage existing customers, they do offer products at a reduced price, which means the company will likely make a lower profit on sales. Profit margins are key to the success of a business.

The key takeaway from this article is that plastic coupon cards are an excellent method of attracting new customers, but financial planning should be incorporated into the marketing strategy to ensure that the return on investment (ROI) is profitable along with generating a stream of income through the new clientele. Plastic coupon cards should form part of the broader marketing efforts of the company.


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