A Complete Guide to Logo Design Trends in 2022


Do you want to drive brand recognition for your business through visuals?

You can find visual representations of your brand all around us. These visuals set the tone for your business. They tell us the story of who you are and what you represent.

With so many designs out in the world, you need to make sure your visuals match. Visual trends have changed a lot over time. Are you looking for logo design trends to follow?

We have you covered. This guide will give you a lowdown on logo design trends this year. That way, you can know what to create without limits on your creative abilities.


Minimalism has been one of the popular logo design trends for several years, showing no signs of slowing down. Many logo designers believe that it will continue to be a popular choice in 2022. Minimalist logos are clean and simple and often use a thin font.

They often go well with other design trends, such as flat design. This year, we’ll see a move towards hand-drawn and organic elements as a way to add a personal touch. Check out the free logo maker app for more minimalist logo ideas.

Use of Negative Space

Negative space is the area around or between the subject of an image. It’s the part of the image that is empty or unoccupied. Using negative space in your logo can help to create a more unique and eye-catching design.

If you’re looking to create a business logo that is both unique and stylish, consider using negative space in your design.

Alternative Color Schemes

Color schemes are one of the most important aspects of logo designs, as they can help to communicate the brand’s message and personality. Recently, we’ve seen a shift away from traditional color schemes, with more brands experimenting with alternative color palettes. This trend is set to continue in 2022, with more brands looking to stand out from the crowd with unique color schemes.

Some of the most popular alternative color schemes for 2022 include pastel shades, neon colors, and monochromatic palettes. Pastel shades are perfect for conveying a sense of calm and relaxation, while neon colors can help to add a sense of fun and excitement. Monochromatic schemes, meanwhile, are perfect for creating a sophisticated and modern aesthetic.

Whatever color scheme you choose in creating a logo, make sure it reflects your brand’s personality and core values. Doing so will ensure your logo is memorable and recognizable, two essential elements for any successful brand.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes will also be popular, as they can be easily adapted to work with minimal designs. We’ll see a lot of abstract and symbol-based logos as companies look to communicate their brand identity uniquely.

Stand Out With These Logo Design Trends

As we move into 2022, we’ll see a continued focus on clean, minimalist logo design trends. We’ll also see more use of negative space, flat design, alternative color schemes, and geometric shapes. And finally, we’ll see a move away from generic company logo designs and toward more personality-driven designs.

So if you’re looking to update your logo, or create a new one, keep these trends in mind. These will make your company stand out from the pack.

Do you want more business tips like this? Keep reading our blog for more.


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